TitleCountryUniversity /OrganizationFirst signing dateFirst expiry dateRenewal dateCurrent expiry dateDurationAgreement levelActivity
Massey -PSU New ZealandMassey University 20/12/2016 20/12/2021 20/12/2021 5 years University 1) General
    (a) exchange of existing staff
    (b) joint research and teaching activities
    (b) participation in seminars and academic materials and other information
    (c) internships
    (d) joint quality assurance benchmarking
AUT - PSU New ZealandAuckland University of Technology 13/09/2000 No Expiry Date University 1) General
    1.Joint Research
    2.Joint Program for Degree
    3.Short term Exchange training for staff
    4.Language Learning Program
    5.Summer of winter language and culture camp
    6.Visiting Scholars
    7.Student Exchange program
    8.Work and travel overseas in summer vacation
FoE PSU - Otago Girls' High School New ZealandOtago Dunedin 13/09/2016 No Expiry Date Faculty 1) Staff exchange
2) Student exchange
UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO - PSU New ZealandUniversity of Waikato 07/05/2002 No Expiry Date University 1) Teaching/Research
WAIARIKI POLYTECHNIC - PSU New ZealandWAIARIKI POLYTECHNIC 18/08/1995 No Expiry Date University 1) Staff exchange
    Staff exchange
2) Student exchange
    Student Exchange
3) Teaching/Research