TitleCountryUniversity /OrganizationFirst signing dateFirst expiry dateRenewal dateCurrent expiry dateDurationAgreement levelActivity
UiTMFM-PSUMed MalaysiaUniversiti Teknologi Mara 09/10/2015 09/10/2020 09/10/2020 5 years Faculty 1) Teaching/Research
    Both institutions agree to encourage conducting joint research projects in academic area of mutual interest.
2) Staff exchange
    Both universities agree to receive 4 medical staff members for a visit 1-3 months in order to complete a training course in designated field(s).
3) Visiting professor exchange
    Both universities are pleased to have an exchange of visiting professors. The duration of their stay will usually vary from 1 month to 4 months.
4) Student exchange
    Post-graduate Level
     both universities agree to receive 4 post-graduate students each year for a visit of 4-8 weeks to attend an elective program with countable credits.
    Undergraduate Level
    - The maximum period in one fiscal year shall not exceed 4 weeks.
    - The maximum number of students to be dispatched from either faculty shall be up to 8 in one fiscal year
    - The students to be dispatched in this program shall be classified as non-degree students (Special Auditor Student)
    - The host faculty shall provide a record of dispatched students to the dispatching faculty on request.
    - The student dispatched is exempted from entrance examination fees, admission expenses and tuition fees of the host university.
UiTM-PSU MalaysiaUniversiti Teknologi Mara 01/01/2008 No Expiry Date University 1) Student exchange
     Student Exchange
2) Staff exchange
    Staff exchange
3) Teaching/Research