TitleCountryUniversity /OrganizationFirst signing dateFirst expiry dateRenewal dateCurrent expiry dateDurationAgreement levelActivity
USM-PSU MalaysiaUniversiti Sains Malaysia 17/05/1991 No Expiry Date University 1) Student exchange
    - PSU students participated in the USM Study Abroad Program
    - Co- host the ASEAN Future Leaders Summit since 2013
    - Study visits
2) Staff exchange
Agreement on Academic Collaborations between PSU and University Sains Malaysia (USM) MalaysiaUniversiti Sains Malaysia 19/11/2018 19/11/2020 19/11/2020 2 years Faculty 1) Information exchange
2) Staff exchange
3) Student exchange
4) Teaching/Research
5) Visiting professor exchange
FoE PSU - Universiti Sains Malaysia MalaysiaUniversiti Sains Malaysia 16/03/2018 16/03/2021 16/03/2021 3 years Department 1) General
2) Information exchange
3) Staff exchange
4) Student exchange
5) Teaching/Research
6) Visiting professor exchange
USM-Mechanical Engineering, PSU MalaysiaUniversiti Sains Malaysia 11/07/2017 11/07/2022 11/07/2022 5 years University 1) Staff exchange
2) Student exchange
3) Teaching/Research
USM-PSU MalaysiaUniversiti Sains Malaysia 31/12/2015 No Expiry Date Faculty 1) General
    To develop, support and enrich the development of research in the field of food science and food technology that will be beneficial to both parties
    1.Exchange of students
    2. Exchange of faculty members
    3.Exchange of scientific materials, academic publications and collaboration information
    4.Joint participation in seminars, workshops and academic meetings