TitleCountryUniversity /OrganizationFirst signing dateFirst expiry dateRenewal dateCurrent expiry dateDurationAgreement levelActivity
OPU-PSU-FNR JapanOsaka Prefecture University 13/01/2016 13/01/2021 13/01/2021 5 years Faculty 1) General
    1. Joint research activities
    2. Exchange of information in the area of scientific education and research which is of mutual interest to both of NR-PSU and LES-OPU
    3. Exchange of faculty members for research, lectures, and discussions
    4. Exchange of graduate and undergraduate students for study and research
    5. Access to the various facilities of each institute
OPU-PSU JapanOsaka Prefecture University 18/07/2017 18/07/2022 18/07/2022 5 years University 1) Student exchange